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Queen regent Augusta is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is a current regent of the Imperium. She was to possess the throne after your father's... mysterious death, and until you are ready to take his place as the rightful heir. Which should be soon and you got a feeling she is not happy about this fact.

Before becoming a queen Augusta was younger daughter of a matriarch, who ruled one of the strongest Amazon tribes in the north. The marriage to the future king, your father, was purely a political move to stabilize relations between the Imperium and nomadic Amazon warriors. Because of her heritage she is a competent tactician and skilled fighter, as is her sister Diana.

The matriarchal nature of her upbringing may be reason for the somewhat greater affection she is showing towards your sister Alexandra, not you. Of course such might change over time, with ambition, endurance and a little impetus from your side.

Corruption of the queen Augusta is the ultimate goal of Chapter 1 of the game. It is done through the quest All pieces set. After this quest, you will have a full access to queen's bedchambers.

  • Upon completing the "Song of Elves" quest, Elaine will tell you that Augusta had a romantic relation with bard Dale. You can rescue Dale from the Amazon Camp to get more info. This will start the quest Fallen queen
  • If you take on Dale's visage, impersonating him, you can seduce Augusta in her bedchamber.