Cook Anna is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She and her daughter Ella are servants at your new residence. Anna is married, but her husband is neglecting her. You can use this situation to your advantage. Ask her to do an inventory at the storage room in the evenings, you will be alone there for some private time.

Common daily routine:

  • During the day, she is in the kitchen cooking meals.
  • At evenings she is sleeping in her bed, or doing inventory if you ordered her.

Increase her Lust by inspecting her work during the evening doing storage inventory.

  • After gaining enough lust, you have additional scenes by day, while she is in the kitchen.
  • Having a Sacred Dildo in your inventory and enough lust unlocks additional scene with her.

Increase her Devotion to unlock more scenes with her:

  • Visit her during storage inventory (devotion +20)
  • Give her a scarf as present (devotion +20, Gold -20)
  • Impress her as skillful lover (devotion +20, Lover skill 5 required)

After gaining 60 devotion with both Anna and Ella, you can have sex lessons with them to teach Ella about sensuality. First talk with Anna about Ella, then visit them in their bed room at the evening.

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