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After returning from the raid on monastery in Priestess for play, Avatar will suggest to take more aggressive approach. She give you a task to steal centaur's totem, which is a sacred artifact of their tribe.

Part 1

  • First, you need to create a distraction. Plunder a centaur camp near the shrine.
  • Go to the shrine and fight your way to the totem.
  • Bring totem to the Avatar. She will suggest to return to the shrine to capture Diana, who went there to investigate.
  • Capture Diana and bring her to the Temple of Lust
  • Call Diana to your throne. She will resist any approach. Speak with Avatar about this. You will receive a sacred relic.
  • Increase Devotion of Diana, using the relic.
  • After reaching certain progress (100 Devotion and 35 Lust), you can begin the initiation of Diana.
  • After the initiation, she will reside at the guard post near your castle. You can also hire virgin guard for your castle from her.

Part 2

  • After having sex with Diana at the guard post, you can ask her why she does not get pregnant
  • She will suggest, you can embark on a quest to get a golden apple. You need to gather companion for the quest
  • Lyria can join the company. You can ask her while she is in the training room and her devotion must be 60 or above.
  • Jennyfer can also join. You must complete her main quest Lust magic first and she must be back at the Academy.
  • After you gathered both companions (they wait for you at he guard post) speak with Diana to start the quest
  • Travel to the first waypoint. Make Lyria to cross the bridge.
  • Travel to the second waypoint. Answer three questions to the bridgekeeper.
  • Travel to the garden. Deal with the Bunny.
  • Get the golden apple from the tree and return to Diana. From now on, Diana will get pregnant after sex. You can also call her to your room for additional scene.