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After returning from the raid on monastery in Priestess for play, Avatar will suggest to take more aggressive approach. She give you a task to steal centaur's totem, which is a sacred artifact of their tribe.

  • First, you need to create a distraction. Plunder a centaur camp near the shrine.
  • Go to the shrine and fight your way to the totem.
  • Bring totem to the Avatar. She will suggest to return to the shrine to capture Diana, who went there to investigate.
  • Capture Diana and bring her to the Temple of Lust
  • Call Diana to your throne. She will resist any approach. Speak with Avatar about this. You will receive a sacred relic.
  • Increase Devotion of Diana, using the relic.
  • After reaching certain progress (100 Devotion and 35 Lust), you can begin the initiation of Diana.
  • After the initiation, she will reside at the guard post near your castle. You can also hire virgin guard for your castle from her.