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Allison is a character in a game Total Seduction. She is a doctor at the local hospital She spends all her days at the hospital ER. Allison and the hospital location will become available only after the successful FBI testing at the day 30 (35 if extended).

After the testing, you will get the quest "Get a Cure". You have only five days to finish this quest and you will loose the game if you don't manage to do it. You will have to visit the hospital and ask Allison for the cure.

After getting a cure from Allison, you can ask her for further help. If done so, Allison will start visiting gym from the next day at 20:00. At the gym, you can buy pills from her, that will restore 50% of your maximum power when used.


Flowers, Necklace


Get a Cure


- 7:00-23:00, while she is at the ER room in hospital - SL1, SL2, SL3

- 20:00-21:00 while she is at the gym (after asking for help) - SL2

- when possessed using ring, she can visit Mark at the street and Jake at Strip Bar

- After Seduction Level 1, you can also Donate Sperm to earn small cash from her.

- When ordered to follow, you can visit Strip Bar and speak with Erin - SL4 (Erin must have SL4 too)

Note: SL{n} marks what Seduction Level is required for a scene, For example, SL1, SL2 means there are two scenes, first require Seduction Level 1 and second require Seduction Level 2