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This is a quest line in a game Warlock of Lust. It will cancel your banishment from the court and corrupt queen Augusta to be your pawn. First, you must have quests Dancing with stars and Amazons in heat (to the point when Diana is at the guard post) completed. If you enter the Temple of Lust at this point, avatar Moriana will talk to you automatically and the quest will start. This is a very late game quest line and it will end the Chapter 1 of the game. Especially "Dancing with stars" quest line has a lot of pre-requisits (Lust magic and elven quest lines completed).

  • Convince Diana and Luthien to support you at the court.
  • Travel to the court and speak with Augusta while she is sitting on the throne and your supporters are at the main hall (morning or midday).
  • Speak with the avatar Moriana about the corruption of the queen.
  • Speak with Marin about the lust potion.
  • Collect five samples for the potion. If a sample is not collected after the scene, try another scene (different situation with the npc or different npc). You can collect more than one sample from the same npc and the same scene. Fastest way is to collect all 5 samples from Diana while she is at the guard post, for example.
  • Bring samples to Marin and donate your sample for the potion.
  • Travel to the court and add potion to the cauldron at the small kitchen next to the dinning hall. This must be done during midday.
  • If the food was spiked, speak with the queen during evening, while she is in her bedroom. This must be repeated 5 times, each time raising her corruption.
  • After the fifth scene with the queen. travel back to your castle and celebrate with the avatar. She will be waiting for you in your room.