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After speaking with the Abbess several time and impressing her with your scholar skill, she will tell you about an ancient cult of All-Mother that the Order of Light has suppressed and that she wants to revive. She ask you to travel to the Academy of Mages and find more information about the All-Mother.

  • Travel to the Academy and speak with Jennyfer there. This is possible only after the quest Lust magic has been completed.
  • Jennyfer will help you study the topic and you will discuss the All-Mother cult together.
  • Return to the Abbess with all you have learned.
  • Speak with the Abbes in the evening to start the ritual
  • After the ritual, all novices (except Alexandra) at the convent will be at your disposal.
  • The Abbess will also suggest second ritual during the next night. Do NOT agree to perform this ritual, or you will die (the warning was issued during the discussion with the Jennyfer). There is no option, how to survive the second ritual.