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Countess Alizabeth is a character in the game Warlock of Lust. She is known as the main suspect of an investigation conducted by the inquisitor Sallia, which you may support or not in the quest Red Lust.

You will first meet with the countess when visiting her Castle, after the inquisitor was sending you there to gather information for her case and later report to her.

  • During your first stay Alizabeth invites you for dinner. She tells you about her persecution by the Order and the loss of her husband.
  • After dinner you spend the night at the castle, and will live through a strange encounter with the countess.
  • After this night, you can return to the Temple of the Order where inquisitor Sallia is awaiting your report.
  • She will send you back to question servants, the maid Dora.

At this point you can decide if you want to continue on Sallia's orders, or want to side with Alizabeth. Each choice has a violent (gore) ending and a peaceful one to choose.

If you like to stay with the inquisition side (Sallia), talk with Dora:

  • You discover Dora is under a mind influence spell. Talk either to Sallia or the Avatar of Lust to break it.
    • Talking with the Avatar will grant you one additional scene with Dora.
  • Dora tells you about the cellar. To get there you seduce Alizabeth and steal a key from her chamber.
  • After examining the cellar thoroughly, you can either: 
    • Go and talk with Sallia (for a violent ending),
    • Or talk to Alizabeth (for a peaceful ending).

If you decide you want to change sides, warn countess Alizabeth instead:

  • For this loyal support she will gratefully invite you to her chamber to spend the night there.
  • After that, she will give you Dora to bring to the inquisitor for questioning (and as a spy).
  • After returning again with the maid, you can either: 
    • Lure inquisitor Sallia to the castle (for a violent ending),
    • Or convince Alizabeth to escape (for a peaceful ending).

Additional Scenes[]

  • If you finish the quest and Alizabeth is still at the castle (alive), visit the countess for an additional scene.
  • If she escaped (peaceful ending), you meet at times during travels at a tavern (random encounter) for additional scenes.
  • If she is not at the castle anymore (escaped or dead), convince Dora to join you at the castle (with scenes).